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Why Chantico?

Fall in Love with Our City

Querétaro occupies a sweet spot in between big city and small town. It's safe here and there are not many tourists. You'll be as immersed in Spanish as possible. We have loads of attractions in our state, and our central location makes travelling elsewhere easy. Take advantage while you can. We can't remain a hidden gem forever!


More info about Querétaro here.



Improve Your Spanish Skills

Spanish is the world's 3rd most spoken language, and is a key means of communication in international relations and business. As you become more fluent, you'll give yourself career opportunities. You'll also begin to appreciate the new ways of thinking that you'll gain from cultural immersion.

Designed with You in Mind

All of the teachers at Chantico have obtained appropriate degrees and are well-suited to their profession. We are also accredited by the Mexican board of Education. Our class sizes are small, typically no more than 10 students.  We are fully committed to helping you reach your goals. Let us know what those goals are. Contact us.

Go Abroad and Make It Worthwhile!

We know you want to travel. We think everyone should experience different cultures and places. Come visit our home. Get that once-in-a-lifetime travel experience. While you're at it, educate yourself in more ways than you ever could in your country of origin. That's what we offer you.

Our Every Day Promise

In short, you can call on us when you need anything. We're there for you. Learn more here.

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