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Spanish Programs and Pricing

Learn Spanish and Immerse Yourself in Mexican Culture

Our Spanish immersion programs are offered year-round. Programs may be customized for small groups as well. In other words, we are happy to work with you to develop a learning plan that addresses the topics and skills that will be most beneficial to you. We look forward to assisting you in your language learning! *If you're looking for classes only (no lodging, extras), click here.
All prices are in US Dollars (USD)

Pricing Breakdown

Build Your Experience

Group Classes

1 to 40 hours:           $15.25 /hr.

41 to 80 hours:         $13 /hr.

81 + hours:                $12 /hr.

Private Tutoring

1 to 40 hours:           $17 /hr.

41 to 80 hours:         $14 /hr.

81 + hours:                $13.00 /hr.

Customize Your Plan

Sample Costs for 1 Month (4 weeks):

40 Hours of Group Class                                             $ 520

Private Lodging from                                                   $ 380

Private Lodging and (1,2,3) meals per day from      $ 736

Registration Fee                                                           $   80

Airport Pick up & Drop off (QRO)                               $   60

Travel Insurance (COVID, medical)                 from    $ 120

Textbook & Workbook                                                $   70

Excursion                                                                       $  60

Wine tasting                                                                  $   40

* Hours and services are up to you. Tell us what you need and we'll make it happen!


$1,980 USD/4 weeks!

  • 80 hours of group instruction (all materials included)

  • Private room and board (3 meals daily)

  • Airport pick up and drop off (QRO)

  • A day-trip to one of these fantastic locations: 

    • Bernal

    • Tequisquiapan

    • San Miguel de Allende

    • Guanajuato

  • Continental breakfast during classes

  • Welcome party and farewell dinner

  • Insurance (If you have your own, we'll discount $100 USD)

Make it Happen 

$160 - $480 Off Tuition

*excludes all-inclusive program

The more months of classes you book, the more you save.

Spanish Proficiency Levels

A1 (80 hours)
In this level, you will learn the components in a sentence and will learn elemental syntax of Spanish. You will also be able to ask and answer basic questions, give and ask for information, use everyday vocabulary of our language and begin social relationships.
B1 (80 hours)
This is the first intermediate level. Once you finish, your speech will be well structured based on subjunctive and indicative modes. You will also express likes, dislikes, desires, feelings and will have general knowledge of the Mexican geography, culture and history.
C1 (80 hours)
This level is part of advanced grammar knowledge of Spanish, which means you will be prepared to master Spanish at a professional level. Throughout this level, you will get to know the main oral and written genders of Spanish as well as cultural insights.
A2 (80 hours)
 When you finish this level, you will have a wider knowledge of Spanish spelling, and will be able to handle tenses in indicative mode so you can express opinions, attitude and knowledge.
B2 (80 hours)
Not only will you structure speech well during this level, but you will also gather the necessary resources and skills to interprete the language. You will deepen in specific notions of our country such as economy, science and technology.
C2 (80 hours)
This is the highest level of our Spanish course. When finished, you will have mastered the language and will speak as well as a native speaker. You will study grammar elements at a deeper and specialized level and will master words and sentences, always understanding the meaning. Also, you will have a wider socio-cultural perspective of our country.
Pedagogy and administration are undoubtedly important elements of language instruction. However, we think it's your personal experience that is most important. If you want to experience Spanish immersion in Mexico, you should enjoy it! Have that once-in-a-lifetime travel adventure and improve your skills; not in spite of your enjoyment but because of it! We do our best to make learning fun and effective.
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