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About Querétaro

Learn Spanish in Mexico!

The city of Santiago de Querétaro ("kay RAY tah ro") is the capital city of the central Mexican state of Querétaro. The city is often referred to as simply "Querétaro." Only a couple of hours drive from the bustling metropolis of Mexico city, Querétaro offers a comparatively peaceful experience while still being home to big-city attractions like modern shopping malls, state-of-the-art movie facilities, and world-class restaurants. Querétaro is full of history, culture and nature, but it is not yet a major tourist destination, which means it's an ideal place to immerse yourself in Mexican culture and Spanish language!


By all accounts that we are aware of, Querétaro is one of the safest cities in Mexico. Locals, tourists and expats alike testify to its safety. The lack of crowding in its downtown pedestrian areas provides such a sense of calm that it's hard to imagine anything going wrong. That being said, we take our students' safety seriously and we will provide guidelines at every opportunity during their stay. 


Downtown Querétaro and its surroundings are easy to navigate on foot. Querétaro has recently installed bike paths along several avenues, some of which pass by Chantico. When you want to travel longer distances, you may choose to take one of our public buses or taxis. You also have the option to hail an Uber or Cabify driver via smartphone app.

Getting to Querétaro is simple. You can fly directly to our international airport (QRO), or fly to Mexico city and take a bus to get here. Either way, we'll pick you up when you're in town. 

Chantico's Neighborhood

Our clasroom facilities are located on Avenida Universidad (University Avenue), which runs parallel to the Río Querétaro (Querétaro River). A broad sidewalk and bike path also run alongside the Avenue, for your convenience.  

In our neighborhood, you'll find numerous restaurants and supermarkets, museums, an aquarium, university campuses, parks, gardens and more. Within 15 minutes by foot, you can reach the famous colonial Aqueduct, our downtown plazas, and several other attractions.

queretaro bike path png.png

For a taste of the treasures you'll find in the region of Querétaro, see our Excursions page!

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