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Spanish Language Programs in Centro, Querétaro, MX

Enjoy Our Unique Benefits as You Improve Your Spanish Fluency


An Ever-Changing Classroom


Experience treasured sites, fascinating history and unique traditions of Mexico. We'll be your guide.

Small Classes, Great Teachers


To help you develop your Spanish, we think small classes are best. Our instructors have appropriate education from accredited institutions.

Proven Pedagogy

We stick to established methodologies. An "eclectic approach" is applied, allowing all types of learners to improve consistently. Our extracurricular activities are designed to enhance classroom learning.


Focus on YOU

If you want private tutoring, we can make it happen. If you need a special kind of host family with whom to  share a home, we'll find them. You can call on us whenever you're in need and we'll help. That's our promise.

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Improve your Spanish fluency by immersing yourself in the heart of Mexico with Chantico Spanish School. Querétaro is Mexico's safest city and it will be your home as you learn!

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